How Lavender Oil is Applied to the Skin, What Are the Benefits on Health and Beauty

How Lavender Oil is Applied to the Skin, What Are the Benefits on Health and Beauty

The benefits of lavender oil vary widely. It is mostly extracted from the flowers of lavender plants by steam distillation. Lavender flowers are fragrant in nature and have been used in a variety of flavors for centuries.

As is also known, this herbal essential oil is also used to make perfume. Lavender essential oil is also very useful in aromatherapy and contains many aromatic mixtures. Lavender oil is well mixed with other essential oils and is mostly found in aromatherapy oil, gel, lotion and soap.

 Lavender essential oil is the most widely used oil in the world. The discovery of the benefits of lavender oil dates back centuries. Thanks to its antioxidant, soothing, calming and antidepressive ingredients, it has many benefits and has been used for skin as cosmetic and therapeutic for centuries.

Early and modern aromatherapy texts support the use of lavender oil as an antibacterial vegetable essential oil. The leaves and trunks of the plant were boiled and a self was prepared for the treatment of digestive system diseases and rheumatism. In addition, lavender oil was also valuable for cosmetic purposes. The Romans used lavender oil for bathing, cooking and cleaning the air.

The benefits of lavender oil to the skin and the positive effects for the body are as follows.
Good for healing burns, cuts and wounds
Hair Care
Supports Skin Health
Treats Acne
Provides Protection as Antioxidant
Fulfill your enjoyment and Reduce Stress
Supports Brain Functions
Useful for Respiratory Disorder
Reduces Headache
Sleep Quality and Insomnia is Useful
Reduces Pain
Supports Urine Flow

Lavender oil is suitable for many applications and is soft enough to be applied directly to the skin. You should consider using lavender oil, especially if you have started using essential oils for skin benefits. The benefits of lavender oil for health and skin have recently been evaluated by researchers. But many evidence points to the capabilities of this incredible fat.

Lavender oil is now, rightly, one of the most popular essential oils in the world. People began to realize the benefits of lavender oil.

Benefits of Lavender Oil on Skin and its Positive Effects on Health
Let's take a detailed look at the benefits of lavender oil, which is good for a wide range of skin and health problems;

1. The Benefits of Lavender Oil on Burns, Cuts and Wounds in the Skin
Antimicrobial contents are well known, and lavender oil has been used for centuries to prevent skin infections and to combat bacterial and fungal diseases. In fact, dozens of studies have been conducted to reveal the benefits of lavender oil. Studies have shown that thanks to its antibacterial components, lavender oil accelerates the healing process of burns, cuts, abrasions and injuries in the skin.

 In a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the antimicrobial ability of lavender oil is mixed with other oils such as cloves, cinnamon and tea tree oil. The researchers found that these fat blends were very useful in the fight against respiratory pneumonia and fungal and bacterial infection Candida albicans and Staph aureus which are the most common causes of skin fungi.

In a study conducted on rabbits in 2016, they found that lavender oil promotes wound healing in the early stages by accelerating complex tissue formation and promoting collagen production. The wounded area treated with lavender oil was significantly reduced compared to the control group. To relax the injured area and to heal cuts, abrasions and injuries, mix 3-5 drops of lavender oil with half a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply this mixture to the problem area using your fingers or a clean cotton ball.

2. Makes Hair Care
This herbal essential oil is great for hair care because it has been shown to be very effective on lice and nits. Furthermore, lavender oil can also be effective in preventing spills. In particular, the body's own hair follicles rejected autoimmune disease which is good for the treatment of ringworm.

In a study conducted in Scotland, more than 40% of ringworm patients reported progression of hair when they rubbed their scalp regularly with lavender oil. Therefore, lavender oil is sometimes recommended as a preventive measure in male type spills.

3. Benefits to Support Skin Health
Due to its characteristic antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it is very effective on the skin when it is mixed with oils such as lavender oil carrier oils and the benefits of the skin, known as jojoba oil , coconut oil and grape seed oil.

Using lavender oil locally helps to heal many skin problems from mouth sores to allergic reactions, acne and age spots. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant contents are good for skin problems and reduce the signs of aging.

To use lavender oil for skin health, mix 3-4 drops of oil with half a tablespoon of coconut oil or jojoba oil and apply to the problem area by massaging. You can also add lavender oil to face and body cleaners. However, you can also mix the lavender oil with frankincense oil and when you wake up in the morning, you can apply it to the skin and face after taking a shower or before going to bed. This reduces inflammation and signs of aging, such as black spots.

4. Treating Acne (Acne)
According to the dermatologist and aromatherapists, lavender essential oil is one of the most useful oils in the treatment of acne. Acne can be a very disturbing and embarrassing situation for adolescents. It may even affect adults. It may be characterized as a red wound that is caused by bacterial infections in the body.

Lavender essential oil stops the bacterium causing infection in the skin, helps to regulate excessive sebum oil production due to hormonal imbalances and reduces the severity of the scars after the acne (acne) begins to heal. Adding a bit of lavender oil to other skin creams and ointments significantly improves relaxation and healing potential.

5. Provides Protection as Antioxidant
Free radicals such as toxins, chemicals and pollutants are probably the most dangerous and the most risky factors for all diseases affecting people. Free radicals can cause the immune system to function poorly and can cause incredible damage to the body.

The body produces antioxidant enzymes as a natural response to free radicals. The most known of these enzymes are glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) and prevent free radicals from damaging the body. Unfortunately, if the free radical density is sufficiently high, the body may be inadequate, which is likely in many people, especially those who are poorly nourished and are highly exposed to toxins.

Lavender essential oil is a natural antioxidant that helps to prevent diseases and heal diseases. In a study published in the Phytomedicine Journal in 2013, lavender oil has been observed to increase the activity of the most potent antioxidants of the body, glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Another recent study showed similar results. According to this research, antioxidant activity in lavender oil and oxidative stress can be prevented or improved.

6. Performs your pleasure and Reduces Stress
Lavender oil has many properties, such as reducing the stress along with the use and benefits of aromatherapy for anxiety . Besides the use of lavender oil for skin, you can brew tea with lavender plants and see similar benefits. The antioxidant components in the lavender affect the endocrine system to reduce stress hormones in the body.

In recent years, lavender oil has been noted for its protective properties against neurological damage. Lavender oil is used for the treatment of neurological problems, such as migraine, stress, anxiety and depression.

In 2013, a paper supported by the International Journal of Psychiatary Clinical Practice was published. In this study, supporting the body with 80 milligram lavender essential oil capsules decreased the effects of anxiety, sleep division and depression.

In another study conducted on the benefits of lavender oil in 2012, 28 women in the postnatal high-risk group participated. It was observed that these women had significantly reduced postpartum depression of lavender spreading to their homes, and there were decreases in anxiety disorders after four weeks of lavender oil aromatherapy treatment.

In another study conducted on 47 people. Lavender oil has also been shown to benefit post-traumatic stress disorder. 80 milligrams of lavender oil a day will reduce depression to 33% and significantly reduce sleep divisions, pessimism and general health.

To reduce stress and increase your quality of sleep, put lavender oil in a diffuser and spread it home. You can also apply lavender oil locally to the back of your ears for the same effect.

7. The Benefits of Supporting Brain Functions
The neurological benefits of lavender oil not only treat depression and fulfill your pleasure. Research has also shown that lavender oil can be used to help treat Alzheimer's disease naturally. In a study conducted on mice, it has been observed that attracting lavender essential oil as vapor is useful for inhibiting brain oxidative stress and improving cognitive impairment.

However, in 2012, the Swiss Journal Molecules published the results of a study that proved that the use of lavender oil was a viable treatment option for neurological disorders such as stroke. Researchers believe that lavender oil has protective effects on nerve tissues thanks to its antioxidant components.

In order to support the nervous system with lavender oil, diffuse it to the home, pull it directly from the bottle or apply locally to your temples or behind your neck.

. Has Benefits to Respiratory Disorder
The benefits of many respiratory disorders of lavender oil, including throat infection, colds, cough, colds, asthma, sinus, bronchitis, pertussis, larynx and inflammation. Oil can be used both in steam form and on the neck, chest and back skin by direct application to the skin. It can also be added to a large number of evaporators and asthma spray used for colds and coughs. The stimulating nature of lavender essential oil loosens the phlegm and relieves congestion associated with breathing problems. However, the vapors of lavender oil contain antibacterial properties that combat respiratory infections.

9. Reduces Headache
If you are experiencing blood pressure and headache problems, lavender oil may be helpful. It is one of the best essential oils for headaches because it provides relief and reduces blood pressure. A sedative, a contraceptive drug, acts as an anti-anxiety and tranquilizer.

According to a study published in European Neurology, people with migraine headaches suffered a significant decrease in headache after breathing the lavender oil for 15 minutes. The headlight between the control group and the lavender oil treatment group is very significant. In the case of 129 headache episodes, 92 responded fully or partially.

 Mix two drops of lavender oil and peppermint oil as a good natural solution to headache and apply this mixture to skin, especially neck and back. Apart from direct application of lavender oil to the skin, lavender oil in the room, or directly to smell the smell can also relieve headaches.

10. Improves Sleep Quality and Finds Benefits for Sleeplessness
Many studies have been done on the benefits and calming effects of lavender oil. In a study conducted on elderly people, an improvement in sleep regularity was observed when the patients were sprayed with lavender oil on their pillows instead of normal sleeping pills. People often use lavender oil instead of modern medicines to relieve their sleep problems because they have a relaxing effect on people.

Lavender oil improves sleep quality and treats sleeplessness with its calming ingredients. Unlike other sedatives, lavender oil has no side effects. In addition to this, there are benefits of lavender oil for mental and physical health.

To improve sleep quality, diffuse lavender oil into the bedroom so you can breathe before sleeping and during sleep. You can also take a few drops of neck, forehead and temples. Adding 10-15 drops of lavender oil to the bathtub with a glass of salt while bathing is a good way to improve sleep quality and relax the body.
11. Reduces Pain
Among the benefits of lavender oil is that it is an excellent treatment method for a wide range of pain and pain caused by wound, muscle tension, muscle pain, rheumatism, sprains, back pain and low back pain. Regular massage with lavender oil can reduce pain in the joints. In a study conducted on postoperative pain, pain treatment by combining the vapor of lavender oil with oxygen has been shown to significantly decrease the severity of pain after a severe operation compared to patients treated with oxygen alone.

Lavender oil is a natural painkiller. Simply applying lavender oil to the problematic area reduces inflammation and intense pain.

In a study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine in 2015, the local application of lavender oil reduced the intensity of pain during the application of dialysis needles.

In another study, it was observed that it was beneficial for painful menstrual pain and relaxing cramps in the lower part of the abdomen.

12. Supports Urine Flow
Due to its stimulating effect on urine production, lavender oil is useful for urinary tract diseases. Moreover, it helps to improve the hormonal balance and reduce inflammation in the bladder. It also helps to reduce cramps related to these and other diseases.

Side Effects and Drug Interactions
It is completely safe to use lavender oil for many people. However, the use of lavender oil is important because there is not much scientific research on the interaction with other drugs or the use of pregnant women. Therefore, there are some specific situations that need attention.

If you're already using prescribed medication with sleep disturbance or depression, be careful because lavender oil can increase the effects of these drugs. Even if you are using non-prescription sleeping products or any type of tranquilizer (even cough and cold medications), keep in mind that lavender oil makes many people sleepy and somehow drowsy.

Lavender oil is generally safe for pregnant and lactating women. Because it can have a relaxing effect on the muscles and also affects the hormone level. Lavender oil should be used with caution in the last three months of pregnancy. As this oil cannot be guaranteed in this period, it is best to talk to the doctor about how to use any essential oil.

Lavender oil is often safe for children to use. On the other hand, there are some concerns in children who have not entered into full adolescence, as lavender oil may damage hormone levels.

There is not much research done about the ingestion of lavender oil. Therefore, it can be dangerous to drink outside of very small amounts in terms of giving flavor. Particularly, it is best not to use particularly sensitive digestive system.

How to Use Lavender Oil
One of the most commonly used areas is the relaxing and therapeutic effect. However, wound cleansing is also used to treat bruises and skin injuries. The scent is relaxing, calming and physically and emotionally balanced. Now let's see how lavender oil is used.

How to use the benefits of lavender oil and the benefits of lavender oil at home?
How to use it as a natural fragrance or as a room fragrance: You can apply lavender oil directly to your skin or dilute it with water or carrier oils. Lavender oil is a great fragrance for both men and women. Using a non-toxic fragrance, you'll be wonderfully stinky.

Drop 3-4 drops of lavender oil in your hand and apply directly to your skin or hair. You can also put a few drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle and squeeze it around to get a nice scent. You can also mix this oil with other relaxing oils, such as cedar wood oil or frankincense essential oil. Another good method is to add lavender essential oil to the shampoo.

You can also use this vegetable oil as a perfume. Before you go home, you can squeeze around with a spray to create a relaxing atmosphere or squeeze it into a bed, a sheet and a pillow.

Natural lip balm: Lavender oil is very useful in protecting sunburns on the lips and healing cracked and dried lips. Add a few drops to shea, jojoba, coconut or other carrier oils and use this mixture every time you go up to the sun. You can use this mixture in other parts of your body for problems caused by the sun. It will heal quickly, prevent itching and peeling.

Insect Savar: The smell of lavender oil is very effective for many kinds of insects such as mosquitoes and prop flyers. In order to avoid these irritating bites while on the outside, some lavender oil will be applied to the skin. However, if you are bitten by one of these insects, anti-inflammatory components in lavender oil can stop the irritation and pain, swelling and itching from insect bites.

How to use lavender oil as relaxing? Drop 3-4 drops of lavender oil into the palm and soak in with the smell to calm the mind. Then, to see a relaxing effect, foot, joke, elbows and other areas also crawl.

Use to help sleep: the smell of lavender oil and then rub your palms and gently drop your pillow

Use for minor burns: Apply 2-3 drops of lavender oil over the burned area to reduce pain. Redness will reduce the swelling and pain.

Cuts: Drop to the cut site to stop the bleeding. Cleans the wound and kills bacteria.

How to use lavender oil for eczema and skin inflammation? Apply enough lavender oil to the skin , sesame oil , hazelnut oil or coconut oil with oils and apply locally to eczema or inflamed skin.

 For nausea and retention: Drop one drop of lavender oil on the upper back of the tongue, behind the ear, and on the belly.

To treat dried and cracked skin: A beautiful rub with lavender oil.

For spring fever: drop the lavender oil in the palm of your hand and smell deeply. This will help reduce the symptoms of spring fever.

For the treatment of dandruff: 8-10 drops of lavender oil or drops to the scalp at the required rate and rub a beautiful to destroy the dandruff.

For herpes treatment of skin: Rub with lavender oil.

A few more suggestions on how to use lavender oil and its benefits: To experience lavender, you can benefit from the benefits, taste and smell of lavender oil by dripping on water, tea, cake, cookies, chocolate, or any other nutrient you can think of. Lavender oil should be used in very small amounts because the taste is very strong. Avoid excessive use !!!
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