10 Tips for Staying Healthy during the Rainy Seasons

10 Tips for Staying Healthy during the Rainy Seasons

Usually the change of seasons from dry to rainy season makes most bodies vulnerable to disease disorders. Reporting from various sources, here are tips on maintaining health during the rainy season:

1. Increase your consumption of Vitamin C

Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant and increases endurance. So when your rainy season should increase the consumption of vitamin C from various types of supplements, but it's better if you get it from natural sources. Like Oranges, Kiwis, and other fruits that have bright colors. So as not to get bored of eating in full, it can be made with a variety of juices, dessert and smoothies and so on.

2. Keep Food Intake

In addition to consuming vitamin C, you must maintain healthy food intake, especially during the rainy season. Preferably, multiply the consumption of warm and fruitful foods so that the body still feels warm even though the air is so cold. For example consumption of soup, vegetables with warm sauce, chicken soup and other healthy soup.

3. Consumption of Warm Drinks

In addition to food, you also have to pay attention to drinks that will consume. During the rainy season try to drink drinks that can warm your body like ginger or tea.

4. Reduce Eating Fried

Because of the cold weather most people think eating goregan is a fun thing. However, you should avoid consuming large amounts of fried foods, because food is full of oil so that it can have a direct effect on your throat or it can cause you to get colds easily.

5. Pay attention to sleep quality

Sleep quality is very important in maintaining health, especially during the rainy season. Sleep time in preschoolers aged 3-5 years needs to sleep 10-13 hours, schoolchildren aged 6-13 years need to sleep 9-11 hours. Then, teens aged 14-17 years need 8-10 hours. Ages 18-25 years old are recommended to sleep for 7-9 hours. While adults aged 26-64 years need sleep 7-9 hours. Then the elderly are recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours. Well, so try to meet the quality of your sleep in order to stay healthy and fit despite the rainy season.

6. Provide an umbrella before it rains

Never forget about an umbrella or raincoat so it doesn't rain. Even though the sun seems very bright in the morning, you won't know the weather in the afternoon. It could be that you are trapped in the rain until night because you don't think it will rain that day.

7. Keep the environment clean

The rainy season is very prone to disease. If the rain is very heavy, it will usually carry garbage from various places. You have to take care of your home garden so that the garbage does not accumulate and carry disease.

8. Wear Thick and Warm Clothes

Clothing also plays a role in the health of our bodies in the rainy season. Try to wear sweaters or thick and warm cardigans. The goal is that the body temperature is not cold. Avoid wearing thin clothes or even move outdoors.

9. Don't Forget Sports

This one doesn't miss, yes, sports. Sport is a simple and easy way but the benefits are great. 30 minutes of physical exercise can activate white blood cells. In the book Guyton and Hall, white blood cells function to provide a fast and strong defense against areas of the body that have inflammation. It doesn't have to be outdoors, exercise can also be done indoors.

10. Manage Stress

The rainy season also affects a person so stressed out. For example, because it's too late to work because of the rain. Stress will have a physiological impact. Like restlessness, increased heart rate and easily tired. Therefore it is very important to manage stress. In the Psychology book by Carole Wade and Carole Tavris, one way to manage stress is to calm down with relaxation.