10 Greatness of Fasting for Health

10 Greatness of Fasting for Health

10. Increased Immune System in the Body

With fasting the immune system in your body will increase, this is because fasting can reduce the entry of substances that are not good in the food you consume into the body. Besides lymphocytes (white blood cells on your immune system) you will also increase by 10 times as usual.

9 Giving a Quiet Effect

Why fasting can have a calm effect? Because in addition to holding back hunger and thirst, fasting also requires you to refrain from lust. This of course will make your emotions more stable so that you will feel the effects of inner calm.

8 Maximizing Brain Performance

When fasting, your brain's performance tends to be calmer. Fasting is able to make your brain's performance to think more sharply than usual, you know. Especially when you are hungry, your brain is also required to think harder so that your results will be more creative than usual.

7 Prevent Diabetes

By fasting, the sugar intake you consume will certainly be more controlled than usual so that the sugar content in your blood will be within reasonable limits.

6 Reducing obesity

When you are fasting your diet will be more regular than usual, this will make your digestive system work more effectively. This is because you will be more smoothly defecate so that the dirt in your intestines will be completely clean.

5 Healthy Kidneys

The kidneys certainly have a maximum limit in the process of filtering urine, so by fasting your kidneys will work more effectively and optimally because of the minimum intake of water you consume. This is one of the most important benefits of fasting for health.

4 Healthy Heart

The heart is one of the organs that is very important, so by just fasting, your heart can become healthier because of the increase in HDL (good fat) and at the same time reduce LDL (bad fat). In addition, also with the lack of cholesterol levels that you consume certainly makes your heart healthier.

3 Eliminating Body Toxins

Toxins in your body will be detoxified when you are fasting. The reason is because your digestive system is in very good condition while fasting. In addition, your fat reserves can defeat all the toxins contained in your body.

2 Improving Sex Performance

Indeed, at the beginning of fasting, the sex-triggering hormone will be very low, but a few days later the sex hormones will actually increase more than usual.

1 Overcoming Joint Pain

Everyone must have neutralizing cells that are able to remove viruses in the body and cure diseases. Now when fasting, these neutralizing cells will increase so that joint pain can be overcome.