Benefits of Rocket: 12 Benefits to Cancer, Diabetes, Eye, Heart, Skin and Hair

Benefits of Rocket: 12 Benefits to Cancer, Diabetes,  Eye, Heart, Skin and Hair

itrus fruit, rocket, broccoli, cabbage and the same family is a very useful plant, such as sprouts. Rokan has a sharp taste and softens the leaves. There are very high levels of nitrate in 250 grams of 100 grams of rocket. It has been observed that high nitrate consumption reduces blood pressure, decreases the amount of oxygen needed during exercise and increases athletic performance. It is known that consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many health problems. Many studies on the benefits of plant foods and rocket have shown that the consumption of plant foods such as arugula reduces obesity, diabetes, heart disease risks and general mortality rates, increases energy and helps to lose weight.

1. The benefits of rocket in cancer

Among the most important benefits of rocket is the strengthening of the body against cancer. Fresh rocket is very effective in the prevention of cancer before treatment with lung cancer and bowel cancer. It strengthens the immune system and protects the body against many diseases. There are many phytochemicals in the rocket. Phytochemicals are substances such as thiocyanates, sulforates and inoles. Studies have also shown that rocket benefits in combating prostate, breast, colon and ovarian cancers. Phytochemicals present in high amounts in the rocket inhibit the activity of cancer-causing cells.

Karser researchers are particularly interested in indole-3-carbinol and sulforafan (an isothiocyanate) due to its effective anticancer components. In the studies, indole-3-carbinol, sulforafan and other possible indole and isothiocyanates have shown that they help to prevent cancer development by showing the following effects.

They inactivate cancer-causing chemicals and protect cellular DNA from future damage.
They trigger apoptosis (cell death) in carcinogenic cells.
Tumor blood prevents blood vessel formation and tumor cell migration.
It has been observed that isothiocyanates and indoles in citrus fruits such as arugula also show inflammation, bacteria and anti-virus properties.

2. Antioxidant benefits of rocket
A very important antioxidant property of arugula, because of this effect prevents many diseases. Antioxidants are the worst enemy of free radicals that cause disease. It strengthens the defense system and helps maintain a healthy balance of enzyme reactions within the cell. Antioxidants reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, especially cancer. Arugula is good for colds and protects the immune system.

3. Benefits of rocket to immune system

The copper found in the rocket stimulates the body for more white blood cells and improves the strength, endurance and functionality of the immune system. Leafy vegetables such as arugula are protected against skin, lung and various types of cancer. Especially in winter when epidemic diseases are common, more rocket can be strengthened and the immune system can be strengthened.

4. Benefits of rocket to bones
Vitamin K, which is found in 100 grams of rocket, satisfies the daily amount required by the body and produces nutrients that are effective in strengthening the bones. Children have a serious contribution to the formation of healthy and sound skeletal structures.

5. Benefits of seeing the rocket and seeing

Arugula is a rich nutrient source for carotenoids which is very necessary for eye and vision health. It can provide therapeutic effect in people with mild vision problems. Among the benefits of rocket, there is a slowing effect on classic symptoms as well as reducing the risk of cataract disease.

6. The benefits of weight loss
Arugula contains very few calories. It helps to balanced and healthy weight loss without loss of vitamins and minerals due to starving by satisfying many nutrients needed by the body. Arugula is also a useful food for the digestive system. It facilitates digestion and increases the movement of the intestines. However, the appetite opening feature should not be forgotten.

7. Benefits of rocket to diabetes
Green leaf plants containing antioxidants known as alpha lipoic acid have been found to reduce glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and protect against oxidative stress induced changes in diabetic patients.

Studies on alpha lipoic acid have also shown decreases in peripheral and autonomic neuropathy.

However, in most studies, intravenous alpha lipoic acid has been used, and therefore there are uncertainties as to whether the consumption of arugula can produce the same benefits.
8. The benefits of rocket on cardiovascular health

It is very rich in antioxidants, cleanses the blood and eliminates vascular occlusion. It prevents free radicals from forming layers in the walls of the veins. It provides an elastic and soft structure of the veins and facilitates blood circulation.

9. Benefits of rocket to digestive system
The arugula allows the lazy intestines to work and relieves constipation problems. It helps to clean harmful bacteria in the intestines. Urine. As it is easy to digest, it does not tired the stomach, it keeps the acid level necessary for the health of the stomach at a healthy level. It removes the harmful substances and cleanses the body and gives it health.

10. Benefits of rocket to skin and hair health
Roka contains nutrients that protect skin and hair health. It is especially useful in eliminating problems caused by calcium and iron deficiency. Eliminates breakage problems in nails.

11. Benefits of Rokan to metabolic functions
Roka B-complex contains plenty of vitamins. B vitamins participate in all different cell activities in the body. The benefits of many vital processes, including fat production, production of red blood cells, including energy production.

12. Benefits of rocket to sexual power

Although there has not been much research about whether it increases libido or sexual potency on arugula, we know that the benefits of rocket and its natural aphrodisiac effect also come from its ability to support trace minerals and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and accelerate blood circulation.

Like many vegetables, plant nutrients in the rocket help to detoxify the body and reduce the amount of libido-reducing toxins that negatively affect the energy level and the health of the reproductive organs. In this way, sexual power by increasing sexual power to benefit from regulation.

Damage and Potential Health Risks
Eating and drinking habits and healthy eating are the most important factors to protect against diseases and to lead a healthy life. Eating a wide variety of foods rather than consuming certain nutrients is vital to good health.

If you have cardiovascular disease or related risk factors, consult your doctor before starting a high-nitrate diet.

If you are taking blood thinner medications such as Coumadin (warfarin), you should not start eating more or less vitamin K containing nutrients. Because vitamin K plays a major role in blood clots.

If not maintained well, vegetable juices containing nitrates may cause the accumulation of bacteria that turn nitrate into nitrite and contaminate them. Large amounts of nitrite may be potentially harmful.

The high-nitrate diet, the nitrite drugs used for organic nitrate (nitroglycerine) or angina, may interact with certain drugs such as sildenafil citrate, tadalafil and verdanafil.

As in every food, the excessive consumption of rocket causes the accumulation of gas and requires careful consumption of those who suffer from gastritis.

The green leaves of the rocket, which are members of the crucifer family, are mostly used in salads but also as a garnish. The arugula used in Mediterranean countries has been consumed in USA and other European countries for the last ten years.

The green leafy rhizome taste is rich in vitamin C. In addition, various minerals, glucosinolate, calcium, folate and K, A, and P vitamins are also active substances of rocket.

100 grams of arugula meets a person's need for almost daily vitamin K. Although it is a plant that grows in nature itself, it is also grown with the purpose of production.

The seeds of rocket, which are consumed more raw, are also used in the production of spices.

It is one of the most popular greenery, especially among fish and derivatives.