18 Beauty Tips Increase Collagen and Reduce Wrinkles on Face and Bone

18 Beauty Tips  Increase Collagen and Reduce Wrinkles on Face and Bone

Whether you're in the mid-thirties and seeing the first signs of aging, or at the age of 55, and keeping your birthday as a secret, it's probably a matter of interest to investigate methods of reducing wrinkles.

Experts, however, say that many of us are watching the glow of the youth and desperately watching our loss of wrinkles. So the reduction of wrinkles what is useful to collagen and   how can we rejuvenate our faces and our skin ?

n order to reduce wrinkles, there are many common points where many experts have actually worked for what works. While some of these methods require you to go to the dermatology, you can do many of them by yourself.

Here are 18 methods to reduce skin and facial wrinkles and increase the collagen in the skin.

How to Reduce Wrinkles: What You Can Do on Your Own

1. Avoid the sun
The sun ranks first among the factors causing wrinkles. Hundreds of studies have been conducted to prove this. Studies have shown that more wrinkles are formed on the skin of single twins than the twins exposed to the sun. So if you are going to be in the sun, be sure to apply sunscreen. This will protect you from skin cancer and also prevent wrinkles from increasing.

2. Do not smoke
Some research is still controversial, but the majority of studies confirm that smoking causes skin aging. Smoking causes an enzyme secretion that disrupts collagen and elastin structures, which are important components of the skin. In London, twins showed that the smoker's skin was wrinkled and 40% thinner than the non-smoker.

3. Make sure you sleep well and on your back
When you do not sleep well enough, the body produces excess cortisol which disrupts the structure of skin cells. Sleeping enough helps the skin stay thicker and more elastic, resulting in less wrinkles on the skin. When you sleep in a specific position every night in a row, wrinkles can form on the surface of the top layer of your skin and they will not disappear immediately when you get up. While lying down may cause a sulky expression, lying sideways causes wrinkles on the cheek and jaw. So when you lie on your back in a way, you reduce the wrinkle formation in your face.

4. Do not squint your eyes - take reading glasses
Every repeated facial expression, such as narrowing the eyes, over-activates the facial muscles, creating thin channels beneath the surface of the skin, which eventually turn into wrinkles. So keep your eyes open to reduce wrinkles or prevent them from occurring! If you need to, wear reading glasses and be familiar with sunglasses. These goggles protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays and prevent you from closing your eyes.

5. Eat more fish - especially salmon
Like other cold water fish, salmon is also rich in protein source, which is the building block for beautiful skin. Salmon is also among the foods containing high levels of omega-3 fatty acids . According to experts, essential fatty acids nourish the skin, keep it full and young, and help reduce wrinkles.

6. Eat more soy
Soy can improve the appearance of your skin and protect it. Studies have shown that the application of soybeans to the skin or to be taken as a support product (not as food) can protect and even heal the skin against some damage caused by the sun. Soya can also help to improve the complexity and firmness of your skin and even skin color.

7. Eat cocoa
It is a delicious anti-wrinkle drink. A study has shown that cocoa has epoxychin and catechin (epicatechin and catechin) such as antioxidant flavanols have a high rate. These substances in cocoa protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, increases the blood flow to the skin cells, maintains the moisture content of the skin and makes it look and feel softer.

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Vegetables are vital when it comes to reducing wrinkles and maintaining the overall health of the skin. The antioxidant components contained in these nutrients struggle with free radicals, the unstable molecules that damage cells. Antioxidants help make the skin look younger and brighter, and help protect the skin against some of the effects of premature aging.

9. Use moisturizer
Women, especially those who are very interested in anti-aging products, often overlook the power of simple humidifiers. Besides the importance of moisture for the skin. Moist skin always looks better and wrinkles are much less noticeable. In addition , collagen masks with skin benefits that can be made at home can also work in this sense.

10. Do not wash your face too much
Tap water removes the natural layer that protects the skin from wrinkles. Washing the face too often means removing substances that protect the skin. However, it is better to use a facial cleanser unless the soap you use is moisturized.

11. Use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)
These natural fruit acids remove dead cells from the skin and are particularly effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, especially wrinkles around the eyes. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) also increase the production of collagen in the skin.

12. Retinoids and Retin A
For the treatment of local wrinkles, the US Food and Drug Administration is the only skin care cream tretinone approved by FDA for wrinkle treatment. It is commercially known as Retin A. This miraculous skin cream reduces fine lines and thick wrinkles and repairs sun damage. Retinol is a natural form of vitamin A. Research has shown that Retinol can be as effective as Retin A in a stabilized formula and at a high concentration, without side effects such as skin burning and skin sensitization.

13. Local vitamin C application
Studies conducted at the American University of New Orleans - Tulane found that local vitamin C application could increase collagen production, protect skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and improve inflammatory skin problems. The key point here is perhaps the type of vitamin C used. Much of the research so far suggests that the L-ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C is most effective in reducing wrinkles.

14. Use of Idebenone
Idebenone, which is chemically related to coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), is a super powerful antioxidant. In a recent study published in The Journal of Dermatology, doctors reported that local use of idebenone reduced skin roughness and dryness by 26%, increased skin absorption by 37%, reduced fine skin lines and wrinkles by 29%, after only 6 weeks of use and observed that the overall damage caused by the sun rays improved by 33%. Similar results were obtained in other studies.

 15. Growth factor use
It is a product of the body's natural wound healing response. Research has shown that when these components are applied locally, they can reduce the damage to the skin, fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the increase in collagen production.

16. Pentapeptide application
Research results supported by the American National Institutes of Health have shown that pentapeptides may increase collagen production in sun-damaged skin. Several studies have shown that local administration of pentapeptides induces collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptides: Peptides Used in Facial and Skin Care | Pentapeptide, Oligopeptide, Copper Peptide, Neuropeptide

Medical Treatments Reducing Wrinkles
medical treatments that allow collagen production to increase and reduce wrinkle

17. Botox treatment
Botilinum is the injection of a purified variant of toxin. Loosens the muscles underneath the wrinkles and ensures that the upper skin is smooth and wrinkled.

18. Wrinkle filling treatment
Doctors fill wrinkles using a wide variety of substances, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and other synthetic components. These popular filling treatments; Restylane is Juvederm and ArteFill.