10 things you need to know before laser hair removal

10 things you need to know before laser hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of unwanted hair in the body. Therefore, it is preferred by many people. If you intend to have laser hair removal in the near future, take a look at the 10 things we think you should know before taking laser hair removal.

Laser epilation, which is generally applied in autumn, winter or spring seasons, is preferred by many people due to its long-lasting results. You are in for a while yet, but considering the laser hair removal treatments do not look so hot on this issue, that will help in this regard before laser hair ideas: 

where you should go for laser hair removal? Investigate this thoroughly. Some dermatologists and doctors also offer laser hair removal services. In addition, independent laser hair removal centers are also available. Most places offer free advice on this matter. For this reason, you can take an appointment to consult and see the place where you will have laser hair removal.

Find out if you have the right conditions for laser hair removal to be effective.
Laser hair removal may not work on all hair and skin types. Best results are obtained for people with dark skin and dark hair. In the case of very thin and light colored hair, laser hair removal treatment responds quite strongly. Always contact this center for laser hair removal.

Give it to the area or areas you want to have laser epilation
. It's definitely up to you. Almost the entire body can be applied epilation. But especially for the eye and eyebrow region with needle hair removal is appropriate. And again pay attention to the use of protective goggles for these shades.

The price does not deter you
Laser, shaving or waxing other methods such as rid of hair is a practice that seems to be more expensive. However, when we think about the coming years, laser hair removal will be a forward-looking investment for yourself.

A few more sessions may be needed but not less
Laser laser should be between 6-9 sessions to be "permanent". If fewer sessions are possible, long-term results are unlikely.

Do not use antibiotics Antibiotics are not
used before laser removal. Your skin may react badly with antibiotics. Be careful not to use any antibiotics at least two weeks before your appointment.

Do not wax before, do not use tweezers Do not wax before the
first laser treatment, so that your feathers can pass through a complete growth cycle.

Shave before your appointment
It's quite important to do that. You need to shave before your treatment. This allows the laser to see follicles. To avoid extra irritation, you can shave the day before the epilation is applied.

Laser hair removal does not hurt you much, but it does not feel great.
All lasers are different and everyone has pain tolerance at different levels . But when it is done in the network, it is a fact that more pain is heard.

Do not wait for your hair to disappear immediately
After your treatment your hair will begin to fall within 10-14 days. Not all at once. In some areas the hairs disappear, while in some areas hairs may disappear later.